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 The August 2ND Primary is approaching quickly. Ask yourself if you were happy with the decisions that our local Elected Officials made during their most recent terms. Look at who is up for re-election and who are running for election. Remember the lockdowns and mandates. Remember the threating letters from Health Departments. Think about the damage that was done to our children and our elders. As we move forward away from the Elected and Bureaucratic tyranny that we have been subjected to, never forget that we have God given Rights. Our Elected Officials swear an oath to uphold these rights. Some did just that, others chose not to. Abstaining from doing what is right is not a choice. It is an excuse for doing nothing. It is time to partner with those that spoke up and spoke out. Family, Faith and Freedom.


Individual Rights-  How many of our individual rights have been infringed upon, disrespected and trampled on? How many groups were singled out and targeted with specific orders?

Un-Elected Officials Overreach- Stay at home orders, lock downs, forced medical decisions, forced quarantines, contact tracing, mask orders and many more.

Accountability-  For too long elected officials have allowed the un-elected to either lead the charge or take the fall for the decisions that affect us all. When in reality the responsibilities fall upon the Elected. We can no longer allow this to occur. 

Transparency-  Elected officials shall be an open book. I can't really say anything else about that.

Communication- This falls directly in line with Transparency. Being open and honest with the people.  Keeping the lines of communication open. It should not take 3 hours of public comment to get an elected official to communicate with the people.

I am an open book. Some may say that I speak my mind. I may not have the right answer, but rest assured I'm going to ask questions. I will consult with both those that share my views and those that do not. I will ensure that the County Departments that I work with will be open and honest. I will ensure that those under contact with the County are accountable. Questions will be asked and answered by those paid for by the residents. It is time that we all have a Government for the People and by the People. 

Committee to Elect Shawn Treadaway
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